boots walking on ice
Our Ice Fighting Solutions are Unmatched in the Boston Area

Ice Control Services

Controlling ice is much more science than art. We utilize the newest and most effective anti-icing and de-icing techniques to get the job done.
Preventing snow or ice from bonding to the pavement requires the best professional-grade ice-melting materials, capable of taking on hard-packed snow and ice to temperatures as low as -25F. Our high performance line of snow-fighting applications includes salts, calcium chlorides, and liquids, all proven to deliver safe, ice-free surfaces during the toughest winter storms.
After education at the Snow and Ice Management conference this past summer, we’ve trained our crews and made a strategic investment in liquid anti-icing truck spray units for parking lots, walk behinds for sidewalks/paths with spray wands for stairs/platforms. Paired with market leading solids from Peladow, our ice fighting solutions are unmatched in the Boston market.

Anti-icing (pre-storm treatment)

This is applied in liquid form up to 24 hours prior to a snow fall event to prevent the bond between snow and pavement, reducing hard-packed ice formation and significantly reducing the amount of solid materials needed once snow arrives. Infrared surface measurement guns enable us to accurately gauge when conditions have been met to successfully pre-treat the surface. (Overnight applications are ideal, but not always possible.)

De-icing (during- or post-storm treatment)

Uses solid freeze-point depressants (sodium chloride, standard rock salt, or calcium chloride pellets, depending on the surface and conditions). Applied on top of snow and ice, these burn through and break the bond of ice formation on the pavement.